Your IT success can depend on several factors. Your budget, current technology and software systems, management teams, employee training programs, and customer or client demands can all factor into the level of your IT success. In an age when things change and new software develops almost as fast as I am typing, you can quickly become overwhelmed when attempting to create or upgrade your software systems and processes. Who wouldn’t be frustrated or confused? Even the best of the best can struggle to keep up and stay relevant.

Evaluate Your Current IT Status

software discovery processEvaluating your current IT status and planning for future needs requires a thoughtful process that digs deep to determine best strategies. While anyone can say, ”We need a website,” and anyone else can say, “We can build that for you,” there can be a huge disconnect between the actual need to the actual delivered product if a careful process is not followed to determine the best course of action.

Software Discovery Process

software discovery processAt Xorbix, we call that careful investigation the “Software Discovery Process,” and it is absolutely essential for us to conduct a thorough Software Discovery Process with any potential client prior to conducting any software development work. Why? Because we want to make sure we know everything about what you need, what you want, and what you dream about for the future. We need to understand your current technology pain points, your budget guidelines, your personal preferences, and your company culture. We also   need to have to solid understanding of your industry and market niche so we can best position you for excellent IT experiences and business success.

Preparing for a Software Discovery Session

software discovery processHow should you prepare for a software discovery process session? You should prepare to have a conversation. It is as simple as that. The conversation will revolve around the points listed above, but it will also include time to get to know you and any critical members of your team. We are dedicated to providing you with the very best solutions and to do that we need to understand your personalities, your corporate culture, and your desired outcomes as a team. The conversation will be a no- obligation way to assess your needs and determine how best to meet them and deliver an outstanding solution to accelerate your business growth.

Xorbix Software Discovery Process

software discovery processThe Software Discovery Process may be as simple as a conversation, but it will be focused and on-point to discern your most effective path forward. We are absolutely committed to creating a long-term relationship with you and to delivering excellence software – on time and within your budget. That is our guarantee. To do so, we take great care in our very detailed and proprietary software discovery process. Please take time to discover the Xorbix difference and schedule your Software Discovery Process meeting today. We look forward to serving you.