Tableau Consulting Services

You have selected Tableau and you have data that have hidden insights bubbling to be found. Let our Tableau consultants help you uncover the treasure troves of insights, patterns and relationships within your data so you can make insightful decisions based on data!

Xorbix Technologies provides comprehensive Tableau consulting services including Tableau Deployment and Administration, Tableau Performance Tuning and Analysis, Tableau Visual Dashboard development, Tableau Visual Analytics, Tableau Drive Methodology, Tableau Integration and Tableau Managed Services.

Xorbix Tableau Consulting Services

Tableau Deployment & Administration

Tableau comes in a variety of solutions from Tableau desktop, Tableau server to Tableau online. When your organization is new to the Tableau World, let our Tableau consultants guide you through the various deployment and administration decisions. Our Tableau consultants will create a comprehensive deployment and administration strategy suited to your organization’s needs. After careful creation of the strategy, our Tableau consultants will implement all the deployment and administration steps to create a secure and efficient Tableau solution.

Tableau Performance Tuning & Analysis

Performance requires focus and tweaking. The optimal performance can only be achieved by understanding what needs to be optimized and then using collected data patterns to adjust Tableau to derive the desired results. Our Tableau consultants will guide your organization in optimizing for user traffic or optimizing for extracts.

Tableau Visual Dashboard Development

The Visual Dashboards allows mundane data and decision making to become fun and insightful graphic visuals thus providing the ability to make business decisions quickly and effectively. Our Tableau consultants will help you chose the proper data visualization to allow for insights you are missing currently. With your new Tableau Visual Dashboards, the decision making would never be the same.

Tableau Visual Analytics

While Tableau Visual Dashboards provide data represented in visual forms, Visual Analytics takes it a step further. The data is still provided in the visual form but the underlying data connects with analytics processes to allow the user to view the data with different filters and lenses. This method enhances the user’s ability to find patterns and insights for effective business decisions.

Tableau Drive Methodology

You have purchased the Tableau BI tool and now you are ready for adoption. It might be going a little slower than what you expected due to the processes within your organization that have to be followed. This is where Drive implementation can help clear the bottleneck. The Drive methodology was designed to create collaboration and efficiency between IT and Business. Our Tableau consultants will guide your organization in implementing the Drive methodology and seeing your organizational efficiencies soar to new heights quickly.

Tableau Integration

Tableau needs data to provide value and sometimes the data is in systems where it requires transformation before the data could be used by Tableau. Our Tableau consultants will guide and implement data cleansing, transformation and integration services to allow your organization to get the data for your Tableau platforms.

Tableau Managed Services

Let our Tableau Managed Services team help you maintain, enhance and grow your Business Intelligence initiative into a BI Center of Excellence. Our Tableau Managed Services team provides a full suite of services from installation, performance tuning, data management, data integration, building visual dashboards, reports, scorecards and visual analytics. Let your Business and IT be worry free and utilize the Tableau tools to make insightful decisions and let us manage your Tableau needs.

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Xorbix Tableau Consulting Principles

At Xorbix, our outcome-oriented approach to Tableau consulting will solve your biggest business challenges and help your business excel now.

  • We take a customized approach to your business challenges and deliver our Tableau consulting on-time and on-budget.
  • We focus on the user experience so people actually love using the software.

  • We have a Tableau consulting team with vast industry knowledge and experience.

We believe great technology can transform a business.
Lets build something great together.

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