Project Description

Restat is the nation’s largest privately held health benefits manager. They provide the information and tools that help improve the wellbeing of communities with a more efficient, affordable and accessible health care supply system.

Restat came to Xorbix with the need for a configurable web portal that could be used by a number of drug companies that provide samples to their customers. Patients who need a drug sample are given a card by their doctor and instructed to activate it online via their website. The patient then activates the card online and can take it to a pharmacy to fill their prescription. Alternatively, if someone has been told about the website but not given a card, eligible patients could print and activate their sample cards right from the website.

Because Restat works with multiple drug companies and pharmacies, they needed a flexible and customizable solution. The website we built could be tweaked to deliver a consistent user experience that reflected the look, feel, and policies of many different companies. Our greatest focus, however, was ensuring that this solution aligned with Restat’s goal of making drug samples more accessible to patients that need them.


  • The portal delivered a digital solution to an old problem: providing different drug samples to eligible patients conveniently.
  • The portal allowed different drug companies to configure the look, feel, and content of the website to match their own brand and policies.