Project Description

Evans Engineering Solutions provides services relating to wind turbines, including analysis of the impact that wind turbines have on over-the-air communication systems such as TVs and cell phones. They have provided communications and analysis expertise across the U.S. for more than ten years.

Previously, Evans Engineering was required to contract with a third-party software company as part of their impact analysis services. Evans Engineering would provide data on a set of wind turbines, which would be examined by the third-party and used to prepare shapefiles – a type of data that shows topographic information, such as rivers and water wells.

Evans Engineering approached Xorbix with the desire for a software application which would allow them to create shapefiles without any help from a third-party. This software, ultimately, reduced expenses and allowed Evans Engineering to deliver reports to their clients more efficiently.


  • The application was able to generate impact analysis shapefiles, based on different types of wind turbines and their components.
  • The application integrated with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to retrieve local topographic data in order to prepare shapefiles.
  • The application was able to prepare its reports in KML format, which was used to display the shapefiles using Google Earth.