Custom Software and Mobile App Development Process

To create great custom software and mobile applications, you must have a great software and mobile app development process. After almost 20 years, we have perfected a proven and results driven custom software development process. Our staff of experienced software developers are well versed in all major development platforms – .NET, Java, C#, iOS, Android and PHP. Xorbix development process and people are respected and revered by our clients and industry partners. With our time tested process for software and mobile application development success, Xorbix delivers your custom software and mobile app development solution On-Time and On-Budget.

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Custom Software Planning

Custom Software Development

What is the goal of your project? Who is your target audience? What devices will your software and mobile applications support? Do you need to collect analytics from your users? What is your mobile strategy?

After these initial strategy sessions, we put together a proposal with all of the business and technical requirements along with the timeline and a corresponding price to build your software application. Once we get your approval, we proceed with the Design and Architecture phase.

Custom Software Design & Architecture

Custom Software Development Wisconsin
Once we have the plan or detailed requirements document completed, it is time to get the design architecture underway. This is where our technical expertise, market research and the project requirements define the landscape. How can Xorbix achieve the look and feel that you want? What does the software have to calculate and process? What are the best data storage options to ensure the safety and security of your sensitive information? What is required for all of the project components (internal and external) to work together?

Through our collaboration with you, we will be able to develop concept sketches, called wireframes that will then go into a design document. This is where your vision begins to come alive! At this point, you will know exactly what each part of your software will look like. Once you approve the design, we will put those wireframes into a design document to finalize.

Custom Software Implementation

Custom Software DevelopmentThe design and programming is complete. It’s time for a test drive or implementation. Your software needs to be quick, responsive and perform as planned with a superior user interface.

We pride ourselves on being platform independent, meaning that we can work with virtually any technology stack, from Java to .NET and everything in between. We will recommend which platform is best for your unique software application and your audience. We focus on fast and flexible development that will deliver your software On-Time and On-Budget.

Custom Software Quality Assurance

Custom Software Development ProcessA successful software project has the following outcomes:

  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate
  • A quick and responsive application
  • All project goals are met

That kind of experience only comes from rigorous quality assurance. After implementation, we go back and check each feature, database, and backend system against our technical requirements and design documents.

We perform usability testing, selecting a group of people to sit down and use the software, to give us direct feedback and make any necessary adjustments. Once usability testing is complete and meets your approval, the software application is officially ready to be launched.

Custom Software Delivery & Support

Your software application is ready to go live! Depending upon your software’s Custom Software Supportneeds or requirements, we offer additional maintenance and support to ensure the software application continues to follow updates and perform as you expected.

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