Project Description

Modine produces heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products throughout the U.S. They have a network of sales representatives who recommend their products to various distributors, who sell those products to businesses.

Modine approached Xorbix for our experience as a mobile application development company; they needed to convert an existing software into a brand new mobile app. This software was used to compare Modine’s special brand of heating unit – Effinity93 – against other competing products. Modine needed a mobile app developer would could transform that application into a beautiful app for both iOS and Android phones.

Proper analysis of Modine’s existing program was very important; we needed to take a large amount of information and condense it into an attractive, streamlined and mobile-friendly interface that anyone could use. Fortunately, thanks to our extensive work on other mobile app development projects, we nailed it! The application itself is an ‘energy savings calculator’ that uses multiple pieces of data to compare the Effinity93 model against a competing heater. All of that information is collected and presented in a printable report.

Here at Xorbix, we know how to create mobile apps! Our mobile design and development teams would love to create a beautiful application for your company. Let’s talk about what Xorbix can produce for you.


How does the Effinity93® reduce cost in your operation and improve the environment?

  • Ten model sizes available ranging from 55,000-310,000 BTU/hr to ensure the right size for your application
  • Substantial annual energy savings with an average payback of only three years
  • A minimum 15% decrease in CO2 versus other gas-fired heaters
  • Federal and State rebates available
  • Blowers available on models 215-310