Project Description

WayAroundMKE is a Milwaukee-based company focused on providing services to drive customers and their cars home. Additionally, WayAroundMKE can be used to get a personal chauffeur that will drive you in your personal car through their WayAround service.

Business Situation

WayAroundMKE, a new startup needed Web based and Mobile App development similar to Uber to allow customers to look for WayAroundMKE drivers and request a ride. WayAroundMKE had previously contracted with a software development firm that was unable to create the technology and deliver the required solution.

WayAroundMKE had a list of features that needed to be implemented on the website, the driver mobile app as well as the customer mobile app. The WayAroundMKE management was evaluating multiple software vendors to restart and finalize the custom software development project. After an exhaustive evaluation, the management team felt Xorbix had the most comprehensive detailed plan and a clear understanding of the project to “bring it home.”

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State of Technology

During the initial meeting, Xorbix was presented with the “pain points” from the previous software development company and a massive list of features needed to complete the project. Xorbix approached this project as they would any custom software development where understanding the customer’s needs and desired outcome is the key to delivering a successful solution. During the initial conversations, Xorbix adopted the approach of first understanding the details of every feature identified by the client. Using the detailed features, Xorbix started to ask questions regarding workflows, viability/need for certain features and customer’s priority of which items were the most important. During this process of understanding features, asking questions and getting customer to think deep into the need for each feature, the customer was able to see a broader range of possibilities in the development of their custom Web application and Mobile app solutions.

Next, Xorbix evaluated the code developed by the prior software vendor. Needless to say, the code was not of the standard that could withstand flexibility, scalability or ease of maintenance. With all information gathered, customer’s priority list of features understood, Xorbix started the development of the web application and mobile app solutions all over.


Xorbix refactored 90% of the existing code to align with current design standards and developed the Web Application and Mobile Apps for scalability, speed, efficiency and maintenance. All prior non-working custom software features and new features were completed and tested within the allotted timeline.

Xorbix used Java technology for the Web Application as the prior software vendor originally used Java. For Driver and Customer Mobile Apps, the first release is for iPhone devices. Xorbix utilized Objective-C using the Xcode platform to develop both Mobile Apps as iPhone native apps.

“Xorbix really cares about the quality of the work that they’re doing, and making sure that they’re delivering on every thing they’ve promised.”
Sam Washer | Partner | WayAround


Some benefits that cannot be quantified:

  • Customer knows they have a partnered with Xorbix that can deliver highly complex software solutions and deliver them on time and on budget
  • Customer is free to focus on their business and can think about additional features and services as they know Xorbix would deliver to any features requested
  • Xorbix serves as a consultant helping customers prioritize the various features of the Application. Using an “agile hybrid model,” Xorbix establishes a corresponding schedule based on those priorities, creating the ability to spread out the work/payments to suite the budgetary needs of the customer
  • A state of the art Web and Mobile suite of Apps focused on ease of use and business simplification

Products & Services Used


  • Custom Software Development | Mobile App Development | Web App Development
  • Project Management
  • Requirement Elicitations
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Change Management
  • iTunes Release Management


  • iPhone native development with Objective-C utilizing Xcode platform
  • Java for Web Application
  • Stripe for Payment Processing
  • Twilio for SMS messaging

Project Details

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