Project Description

Village at Manor Park is a senior healthcare system that provides a full range of care and services to older adults.

In their efforts to provide healthcare services, Village at Manor Park hired Xorbix to build a remote, cloud-based management system for diabetics. The project was a substantial undertaking, and required us to leverage our development and consulting expertise to ensure its success on every level.

The software itself was divided between several project managers to ensure it was developed quickly and reliably. As a medical system, it was also necessary to procure specialized hardware that would accommodate both a touch-screen interface and also several medical devices. While definitely a challenge, we were able to rapidly roll out a proof-of-concept demonstration for a national conference and delivered a fully functional system to Village at Manor Park.

Beyond software and hardware, however, we were also responsible for creating a training strategy and materials for the FDA trial process. Every user – of various technical backgrounds – had to be able to understand and utilize this complex system. Training materials were prepared by us to ensure that each doctor, clinician, contract researcher, IT admin, and patient was prepared for the FDA trials.

Ultimately, our expertise and adherence to tight timelines, budget expectations, and careful tracking of FDA approval requirements proved a resounding success. We delivered this complex system to Village at Manor Park on time and within budget, which went on to be patented and granted FDA certification.


What made our work with Village at Manor Park such a success includes:

  • Our ability to rapidly develop and successfully adhere to a long-term strategy for design, development, and delivery of a complex medical system.
  • Our ability to work with a manufacturer to procure customized hardware casing for the computer, interface, and special device connections.
  • Our ability to assess and develop parts of the software solution in tandem, while still tracking and adhering to each requirement and FDA approval criteria.
  • Our ability to prepare a training strategy appropriate for each type of user who would interact with the system, to ensure it met with FDA approval.