Project Description

The Sheboygan County Health and Human Services department contracted with Xorbix as a consultant, asking us to help them identify a software vendor that could replace their current IT systems.

We knew proper business analysis would be the first and most critical step in this process; we worked with H&HS to evaluate their current system and identify areas for improvement from multiple groups of users. This was no easy task, as H&HS consists of five separate divisions, each of which supports multiple applications.

We met with each division and worked with them to identify both their five most critical processes and how each process might be improved in the future. Through these meetings, we were able to pinpoint what was most important to H&HS when it came to their new software, including: user friendliness, increased efficiency, and scalability.

Using these business requirements, we helped H&HS identify a list of possible vendors and prepare a formal RFP which was sent out to them. Of those who responded, we provided our own expertise and assisted H&HS in making their final selection.


  • Gathered extensive business requirements by analyzing current business practices and identified stress points for future expansion.
  • Assisted with both the creation of a RFP based on the business requirements and the identification of vendors who should receive the RFP.
  • Leveraged our own expertise in software creation to help H&HS review responses to their RFP and make a final selection.