Project Description

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare looked to partner with Xorbix Technologies to develop a customized radiology tracking software solution to communicate information about patients and the associated procedures being performed on the patient. Xorbix, in collaboration with Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, built a customized radiology software solution providing clinicians a real-time view of where the patients are during the radiology workflow process. Our work together provides radiology team members the ability to seamlessly track radiology patients and procedures across all Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare locations.

Business Situation

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare (WFHC) reached out to Xorbix to discuss the development of a Radiology Software Tracking Board to be implemented across multiple Healthcare locations. The Radiology Tracking Board Software Application would be designed to communicate information about patients and the associated procedures being performed on the patient. The radiology software would provide the radiology team a real time view of where the patients are during the workflow from when the patient first arrives at a Wheaton Franciscan healthcare facility to the time the procedure is completed.

The need for the radiology software arose due to the outsourcing of radiology services to another provider. The outsourced radiology service provider needed to coordinate the radiologist’s resources across multiple WFHC locations.

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

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State of Technology

One out of eleven WFHC locations used a Radiology Tracking Board while the other 10 used white boards and manual processes to manage radiology patients. The one location that did use the Radiology Tracking Board, was not satisfied with the software’s ability to deliver a robust workflow or accurate patient tracking. WFHC understood that the development of a new Radiology Tracking Board would require a complete redesign of Radiology patient’s workflow along with integration to multiple scheduling systems at different locations.

Radiology Software Solution

Xorbix conducted extensive face-to-face Discovery sessions to elicit requirements from stakeholders representing all locations. A comprehensive set of documentations were produced and reviewed with the WFHC stakeholders. The documentation was also reviewed with WFHC Auditing team for HIPAA and Security Audit to ensure there were no security gaps in the  Software Application from user login, user access, auditing to delivery of services.

Xorbix and WFHC collaboratively discussed new workflows, processes and reports based on existing workflows and desire to improve current state. This resulted in the identification of advanced reporting, streamlined processes and a new set of advance features.

Xorbix used Microsoft .Net Technology along with Microsoft SQL Server to develop a state of the art Web Based Application that would work seamlessly in all WFHC locations and integrate with existing scheduling systems from each location.

The radiology software solution was delivered on time and on budget with each location seamlessly implementing the software solution along with new re-engineered processes to monitor and track radiology patients.

“They were extremely professional in the way they brought a proposal forward, the cost was reasonable, and then they really delivered on each aspect of that proposal.”
Anne Ballentine | VP Communication & Public Relations | Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare

Radiology Software Benefits

  • Radiology Patient Tracking automation through all WFHC locations
  • Significant savings on hours and dollars relating to manual tracking of Radiology metrics
  • Advance reporting for identifying improvements and efficiencies through out the patient experience during radiology procedures
  • Coordinate personnel resources
  • Coordinate room resources
  • Communicate information about the procedure
  • Reduce the number of phone calls between departments
  • Increase patient efficiency
  • Provide overall better experiences and care for patients
  • Coordinate radiologist resources

Products & Services Used


  • Custom Software Development
  • Project Management
  • Requirement Elicitations
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Change Management


  • Microsoft .Net Platform with and
  • UI for ASP.NET AJAX 2014
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Integration with Pathway Healthcare Scheduling (PHS) using HL7 integration

Project Details