Project Description

MillerCoors is a joint venture between the Miller and Coors brewing companies, which is dedicated to creating America’s best beer.

After the merger of these two companies, it was necessary to consolidate their respective Human Resource and Financial Services departments. During that consolidation, however, employees were not being paid the appropriate salary per their rank, cost center, and standard deductions.

MillerCoors came to Xorbix, and asked us to analyze records for more than 12,000 employees and 21 different vendors. We leveraged our expertise at business process re-engineering to identify why so many employees were receiving incorrect salaries, and ensured that, moving forward, only correct data would be entered into the MillerCoors system – no small task!


The key services we provided that made our work with MillerCoors such a success are:

  • Xorbix was part of a large team that analyzed historical employee salaries, deductions, and other data between MillerCoors and its vendors.
  • Xorbix compared the above data and identified key issues, which were presented to MillerCoors stakeholders.
  • Xorbix worked with 21 different vendors to conduct parallel testing of the MillerCoors’ system, ensuring that both old and new business processes returned the same results.