Project Description

Diversey is a leading provider of sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions. They are especially focused on food safety and security, facility hygiene and product protection.

Johnson Diversey approached Xorbix with an ambitious and demanding project: to convert more than 17,000 e-mail accounts for more than 12,000 employees from Lotus Notes to the cloud-based Google Mail. Not only that, but we had to deliver it in just 6 months; it would be Google’s largest conversion from Lotus Notes to date.

We faced some serious challenges with this project; we needed to establish a solid plan that could account for these kinds of numbers and ensure timelines were met, budgets adhered to, and milestones delivered. We had to communicate with, coordinate, and train 12,000+ employees across 58 countries and 28 languages for the impending conversion. We needed to ensure our cutover strategy allowed Johnson Diversey to move their staff to the new system with minimal downtime.

We’re happy to say we succeeded on all fronts. Users worldwide were provided with over 100+ training sessions to become familiar with the new system, and all 12,000+ users and 17,000 overall email accounts were cutover successfully in one weekend.


  • Planning & Execution – Our ability to rapidly organize and coordinate five separate teams, each of which would be responsible for a separate part of the project.
  • Communication – Our ability to help create efficient, multi-lingual communication channels across 58 countries and 28 languages for more than 12,000 employees.
  • Training – Our ability to help create an in-person, online, and virtual training strategy that ensured each employee understood the conversion process.
  • Quality Assurance – Our ability to arrange a global team of 200+ early adopters who tested the system prior to a global rollout.