Project Description

HUSCO International, Inc., is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic controls for off-highway and automotive applications.

Part of the sales made by HUSCO comes from distributors who sell their products; HUSCO would frequently receive requests for price quotes and other information from their distributors. Due to the large volume of requests the response time was, unfortunately, anywhere from several weeks to several months. This issue was causing HUSCO to lose millions of dollars in annual sales due to delayed responses.

To solve this problem, they came to Xorbix. We developed a web portal for HUSCO’s distributors to create price quotes for HUSCO valves. HUSCO distributors strongly prefer the online model and the speed of price quotes compared to the prior manual process and delayed response times.


The key features that made the HUSCO Distributor Portal such a success are:

  • The portal allowed distributors to fulfill customer orders online.
  • The portal allowed distributors to modify the valve design to match the needs of the customer online.
  • The portal allowed distributors to send price quotes and design drawings to their customers within just 24 hours – an enormous improvement!