Project Description

Head Sheets App modernizes the traditional head sheets tool by offering an easy-to-use app for professional stylists, students, and educators on the go. With the Head Sheets App, their work is never more than a few clicks away. Their art can be inserted into training manuals and accessed whenever inspiration strikes. It’s a revolutionary way for stylists to file their work, combining formulas and techniques into one easy application.

This unique app maximizes the features of most mobile devices to give the user freedom to create, including using photographs of a subject side-by-side with your head sheets drawing of the hairstyle technique. Your examples can then be shared via email or social media with a few clicks.

It’s easy to get started: download the app, choose a head and either a drawing application or freehand and get started. Add in notes, formulations, products or tips as you go.


  • Instant crop
  • Four drawing applications and freehand
  • Seven head shapes to choose from
  • View and draw from all angles
  • Store notes and comments with each technique