Project Description

Badger Meter is a leading marketer and manufacturer of products that measure and control the flow of liquids, such as water and gas utilities.

Badger Meter approached Xorbix and asked us to create a wireless technology solution that would allow meter readers to gather readings from water meters as efficiently as possible – as opposed to doing it manually.

We provided a complete solution for Badger Meter by developing a state of the art system, called Orion, which incorporated GIS/GPS technology. The system runs on a laptop, where all water meters are displayed on a map. As the reader drives through the area the laptop wirelessly gathers data transmitted from each meter and operates as a GPS for the driver.

This complex solution was built in less than 6 months, and Badger Meter was given the Governor’s award by the state of Wisconsin for the Orion system.


The key features that made the Wireless Water Meter Transmitter system such a success are:

  • The system is able to receive data transmitted from each water meter wirelessly; allowing the meter reader to accomplish in 2 hours what once took 4 days.
  • The system is able to serve as a GPS navigation system for the meter reader as they drive along their route.