Project Description

1st Family Dental is a large dental chain that provides quality and affordable dental care throughout Illinois and Oklahoma. This company is quickly growing – opening two new offices during the project!

1st Family Dental searched for a website development company with the desire to redesign and update their website with improved functionality and a more modern, user-friendly look. It was critical that the new website design align with the company’s brand – with a major focus on quality content and community outreach.

We’re very proud of the site we produced for 1st Family Dental – we leveraged our experience as a website developer to hit all of the important points while sacrificing none of the bells and whistles. More specifically, we leveraged our expertise as a WordPress developer to build this website for 1st Family Dental. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for a reason – it’s incredibly easy to navigate and manage once development is complete.

Responsiveness is a major element of this website’s design; we needed to make sure 1st Family Dental’s great content could scale with a variety of screen sizes and mobile devices. Fortunately, many of our past projects have involved mobile website development; this one in particular is loaded with content that focuses on the 1st Family Dental approach to dental care.

The new site is packed with informative content for curious visitors – see for yourself! Be sure to read more about our other website development projects and other work.

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  • Responsive website design adapts to any device, including phone, tablet, and desktop browser.
  • Incredible ease-of-use for the website administrators, who can update any portion of the website content quickly and easily on their own.