In today’s manufacturing environment employees must have access to a wide variety of information. Along with the information often comes the burden of issues around data volumes, integration of multiple systems and security. The multiple systems result in the need to streamline and automate information across facilities to improve safety, efficiency and production. A key goal in manufacturing is to improve efficiency and productivity.


Manufacturing supervisors and managers are responsible for overseeing the safety and operations on their facilities. Often the managers and supervisors are busy in meetings and engaging with their employees on the plant floor. They are not sitting in front of a computer at their desks 24/7 monitoring system alarms. Many manufactures understand the value and importance mobile provides to their business. Mobile technology will continue to be a key growth strategy and tool in manufacturing. The top three technology priorities of industrial manufacturing CEOs are mobility (73%), cybersecurity (72%) and data mining and analysis (70%).


Implementing mobile technology and apps into production, processes and systems is improving speed and accuracy throughout the manufacturing industry. The integration of existing manufacturing processes with mobile technology is delivering vast efficiency gains. All of this leads to improvement in communication, efficiency, productivity and improved responsiveness in meeting customer deadlines and delivery.


Canvas performed a survey of manufacturing business and found many are adopting mobile app technology to replace previously paper-oriented tasks. Here is what they found:


  • 48% use mobile inspection apps.
  • 36% use mobile work order apps.
  • 23% use mobile survey apps.
  • 21% use mobile apps for invoicing.
  • 18% use mobile checklist apps.
  • 6% use mobile inventory apps.
  • 23% use mobile apps for other processes.


If your manufacturing business is not optimizing mobile technology, you run the risk of falling behind your competitors. Here are the benefits mobile can provide to your manufacturing business.


Manufacturing Mobile Apps Provide Greater Accuracy of Information


Manual employee productivity tracking in manufacturing is very time consuming and presents numerous data inaccuracies. This requires managing stacks of paperwork, errors, illegible handwriting, missing field data and inaccurate calculations. These inefficiencies affect the company’s bottom line and growth. Utilizing mobile apps and mobile technology provides real-time reliable data throughout the world. Data errors can be reduced and simplified by utilizing pre-filled forms, required fields and technology based calculations. All of this results in the data being more accurate, efficient and accessible. Employee productivity and operations can be managed in real-time, regardless of where they are at the time.



Mobile Improves Manufacturing Inventory Tracking


Mobile field services apps provide the ability to collect data and analytics to manage inventory. From inventory purchasing to stocking and allocation, mobile apps provide an efficient and streamlined approach to inventory tracking. You have the ability with mobile apps and technology to eliminate concerns and business process pain points in your inventory tracking process. For example, create warning systems and alerts for managers to be notified when inventory levels are low. Another example is the ability to use real-time data from the field to accurately plan and forecast inventory needs.


Workforce Productivity Improves With Mobile Manufacturing Apps


Managing workforce productivity is an important element in running a successful manufacturing business. Often, the manual process of completing paper tracking forms can be tedious and laden with human error. Adopting mobile work orders can create a reliable, accurate and accessible option to track workers in real-time. Using mobile GPS capabilities can confirm an employee’s location, actions and provides a date and time stamp with real-time accurate reporting when jobs take place. Mobile GPS capabilities provide managers with real-time and remote access to everything from where the employees are in a plant to how much time is spent on completing a task and more.


Mobile Speeds Up Manufacturing Decision Making


With quicker access to real-time, reliable data, decisions can be made more quickly to improve the overall manufacturing process. The ability to customize mobile apps for manufactures specific needs does require initial investment, but manufactures must look and consider the long term ROI, which can be substantial. Mobile apps and mobile innovation leads to significant improvement in productivity and efficiency for manufactures. Mobile innovation in manufacturing is a key catalyst for sustainable growth.


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