Is your organization currently deciding whether to go down the custom business software development path or the off-the-shelf software solution?

In today’s technology world, you might imagine that everything worth doing may have already been created.  Why pay and take the time to re-invent the wheel?  Surely there is a company out there that has already done what you want to do, right?

Well, maybe.  There are some things that software already does very well.  We would not advise you to write your own version of Quickbooks, for example. If you really are doing the exact same process as thousands of other companies, then most likely you do not need custom software.  And, in fact, we strongly encourage our clients, and help them in some cases, to find an off-the-shelf solution that they may prefer.  It’s not going to make a client very happy if we spend lots of money and end up with something they could have gotten off-the-shelf for much cheaper.

Many companies, however, not only have their own unique processes, but in fact strive to be different than other companies – it’s part of what sets them apart. This is where one starts to see the benefit of having a custom business software solution tailored just for you or your company.

Benefits of Custom Business Software Development

The most important benefit of custom software application development is that it is tailor-made by developers to your specifications in order to best serve your business’ needs. In addition to the customization for your business, customized software provides flexibility. The product is branded and provides a user experience to your business’s exact specifications and needs. Your business has it’s own unique data and requires a solution to easily read and interpret the data. An off the shelf solution isn’t likely going to have the capabilities to read your organization’s data. It is not unusual for businesses to license software from a software vendor and then discover that it is simply not suitable for their business. With custom business software, you will be guaranteed that the software makes a great fit for all of your business’ requirements.


Custom business software is more scalable than off-the-shelf software packages. Custom software development companies work on a contractual basis, and maintain your software product as your business grows and expands. Typically off-the-shelf software provides the one size fits all approach. Many businesses run into issues with the software being inexpensive and not suitable for large businesses or the software support large scale businesses needs but is very expensive to license. Custom Software Development meets the needs of your company while allowing your business to grow without being limited by your software.

Operates With Your Business Existing Software

Custom business software development is capable of operating with the software packages your business already uses. Rarely off-the-shelf software interacts well with other existing software in your business without errors. This can lead to a large increase in errors and low productivity levels within your business. Custom software development avoids this scenario, and is tailored to fit perfectly into your business’ software environment.


 Since custom business software applications are built in accordance to your business requirements from the very beginning, there are fewer complications that tend to arise in comparison to the commonly seen off-the-shelf software solutions. Custom business software applications are equipped with features that only your business requires which makes it incredibly easy to use and requires little training to learn how to use the software. Further, since the software application is modified specifically for each department in your business, every employee will have an idea of how the application works, so very few interface problems are encountered in custom business software applications.

 Cost Savings

Time is money.  Software that is customized to do exactly what you need can save time, reduce errors, lower frustration, and increase the morale of those using it.  And all of these can save your company money.

Our custom business software also ends up in your hands – completely.  You are not licensing the software from Xorbix, you own it.  If your company grows from 10 people to 200, there are no concerns over licensing seats or per-user-limits, letting the software grow with you.  Customize the software to work for you, and it can do exactly what you want it to do to help your business stand apart from the competition.