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Mobile Development Trends for 2017

Mobile development continues to thrive at a feverish pace in 2016. As the mobile industry expands throughout much of the world, the demand for consumer and enterprise mobile development will continue to surge forward. According to Statista, Smartphon [...]

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Software Discovery Process: A Key To I.T. Success

Your IT success can depend on several factors. Your budget, current technology and software systems, management teams, employee training programs, and customer or client demands can all factor into the level of your IT success. In an age when things [...]

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Tips to Help Your Company’s Knowledge Base

A great knowledge base is a foundation for great work efficiency. There are a number of common knowledge base tools – like SharePoint, Confluence, and ZenDesk – that offer clean, robust features which are critical for effective knowledge management. [...]

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5 Benefits of Enterprise Knowledge Management

How much information do you consume in a day? The amount of information - written, visual, audible, or otherwise - that a person consumes every day has increased exponentially in recent years. Studies from the University of California estimate that i [...]

By | September 13th, 2016|Xorbix Blog Post|2 Comments

Is Your Website Design Working for You – or Against You?

Your website is often the “first impression” anyone has of you or your company.  Is your website design working for you – or against you? Does it provide a great introduction about who you are and what you do?  Does it tell your story?  Does it captu [...]

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Knowledge Management: Pain Points and Recommendations

Knowledge Management: Pain Points and Recommendations Knowledge management is a key business capability for achieving success. In 1959, Peter Drucker introduced the idea of the ‘knowledge worker’: an employee whose job revolves around information – c [...]

By | September 1st, 2016|Xorbix Blog Post|1 Comment

Why Custom Business Software Development?

Is your organization currently deciding whether to go down the custom business software development path or the off-the-shelf software solution? In today’s technology world, you might imagine that everything worth doing may have already been created. [...]

By | August 23rd, 2016|Xorbix Blog Post|1 Comment

8 Traits of Successful IT Project Managers

  IT project managers are critical factors in determining if your organization’s IT project will be delivered on-time and with-in budget. Whether your organization is looking to hire or outsource project managers (PM’s), the candidate should hav [...]

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