As mobile technology continues to advance across all industries, it should come as no big surprise that construction mobile apps are changing the way modern construction projects are being done.

Mobile apps help construction companies of all sizes be more efficient and cost effective. A majority of contractors use basic technology like smartphones, laptops and tablets, on the job. A survey conducted by Texas A&M revealed, 72% of construction professionals use smartphones at work; 53.9% use laptops; and 50.1% use tablets.

These construction apps help workers and managers stick to strict schedules with inspection points, improving communication construction mobile appsand coordination efforts, and streamlining paperwork. According to an IDC report, over 328 million employee-owned mobile phones will be in the construction field in 2017. The adoption of mobile apps and cloud technology is being utilized by more construction professionals who are using mobile applications to track issue status and mitigate risk across their project portfolio with one central mobile platform.

Here are 5 ways construction mobile apps are transforming the construction industry.


 Reduce Delays


Delays and rework in commercial construction projects can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and negatively affect a company’s reputation. While most companies cannot predict the weather conditions or plan accurately for permit and licensing red tape, at least managers can organize and sync their operational activities via construction mobile delivery apps to optimize the schedule.

For example, a construction manager in charge of various job sites can monitor progress at multiple jobs sites and can allocate materials to all the job sites in real-time. The ability for construction managers to gather real-time information and monitor multiple job sites through mobile technology can reduce delays in construction progress, incidents and overall project delays. This critical information helps to bring issues to light that might put projects on hold, and keep construction on schedule.


Ensure On-site Safety Compliance


There are nearly 6.5 million people that work at approximately 252,000 construction sites across the nation on any given day. What’s even scarier? The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average in this category for all industries, as reported by OSHA. While you may not have millions of workers to manage, you most likely have multiple job sites that your project managing, and with that comes a lot of responsibility and a lot of safety and health concerns.

Having a customized mobile app that includes daily safety inspection checklists make it easier for construction managers to mitigate risk and keep jobsites safe with a streamlined approach to identify health, safety, and environmental issues. Construction mobile apps with on-site safety compliance capabilities can instantly capture safety or at-risk site observations on your mobile device and serve as an official project record. No double data entry back at the office. This ensures timely and proper management of such issues, further strengthening regulatory compliance.


More Accurate and Flexible Project Documentation


Unlike paper forms, mobile apps provide the ability to customize documentation and create reports in the field. construction-mobile-apps (1)Every project is different, and having the ability to create defect capture forms specific to your project eliminates repetitive and error-prone processes.  Real time reporting provides the ability for workers to create more detailed reports when they encounter things, versus having to fill out a report once they leave the site. Construction mobile apps that capture information at the job site improves accuracy and reduces potential issues arising from illegible handwriting, inconsistent data and information gaps.

Daily reports and additional documentation in the field can utilize GPS tracking, time stamps and the ability to capture signatures on-site. This efficient and accurate method to capture information provides accountability to clients and an indisputable audit trail for the project.


Increase Accountability in The Field


Without mobile technology, the back office has no idea what the field workers are doing. This can lead to a culture with a lack of accountability. Mobile technology has GPS capabilities that allow the project manager to track time spent on-site, as well as keep better time cards that will save on labor costs.

Additionally, mobile construction technology can help with the management and tracking of equipment. Real-time information about maintenance schedules, availability and equipment locations can help improve inventory planning and use.


Construction Mobile Apps Improve Communication


Mobile construction technology gives you a better mode for communicating with all company personnel. The ability to communicate with the office, on-site workers and additional personal in a streamlined and efficient approach improves overall operations. Mobile construction technology gives employees the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently so that they can receive fast responses in real-time.

Whether it’s reducing delays, ensuring on-site safety compliance, improving accuracy and flexibility in project documentation, increasing accountability in the field or improving communication or otherwise, there’s an opportunity to build a mobile app to support virtually every construction business requirement. Identifying and implementing mobile apps can serve as the backbone for greater productivity and growth. For construction builders to remain competitive, they need the best solutions available. If your organization is looking for a mobile app solution, contact Xorbix for a free estimate.