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Top 2017 Mobile Marketing Predictions You Need To Know

November is right around the corner, and many marketers are planning their mobile marketing strategy for 2017. Mobile is a constant changing landscape, mobile trends that proved successful a few months ago, are no longer relevant leaving marketers to [...]

By | October 25th, 2016|Mobile App Development, Xorbix Blog Post|1 Comment

Knowledge Base Content Needs For Every Business

What’s in your company knowledge base content? We’ve written previously about the benefits of knowledge management; there’s tremendous value found in the culture of continuous improvement that effective knowledge management enables. A great knowledge [...]

Mobile Development Trends for 2017

Mobile development continues to thrive at a feverish pace in 2016. As the mobile industry expands throughout much of the world, the demand for consumer and enterprise mobile development will continue to surge forward. According to Statista, Smartphon [...]

By | October 12th, 2016|Mobile App Development, Xorbix Blog Post|0 Comments

Software Discovery Process: A Key To I.T. Success

Your IT success can depend on several factors. Your budget, current technology and software systems, management teams, employee training programs, and customer or client demands can all factor into the level of your IT success. In an age when things [...]

By | October 5th, 2016|Xorbix Blog Post|0 Comments
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